Great Bag Co.

The Medulla & Co. buying team - Glenna + Luis - picked up some exquisitely cool finds for the shop while attending Maison & Objet in Paris 2014. Tom Dixon, Applicata, Bococo, and Private 0204 are a few standout favourites.

Now that it's spring, or on the cusp of spring, it's time for some new brands/new products. The first of this new wave of cool is the Model M. bag from Great Bag Co.

This bag was conceived by celebrity stylist, Robert Verdi. Robert Verdi wanted a bag that was artfully, fashionably and practically functional. It's made from Fashion-Flex, a proprietary polymer, and only Fashion-Flex. Because there are NO chemicals or silicone used in the manufacturing process, this lovely bag is also recyclable. Another great attribute to point out, is that this bag has an incredibly low carbon footprint. In fact, the company claims it to have the lowest carbon footprint in comparison to every other bag in the fashion industry.

The Model M. comes in white, black, and vibrant colours (pink, yellow, green, orange and turquoise). Fashionable for everyday, or functional for the beach - either way, we are excited about this environmentally conscious objet d'art!

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