Jordana's Rainbows Wish Bracelet

Jordana's Rainbows Wish Bracelet


A Wishes by Veronica design. Jordana's Rainbows Wish Bracelet is offered in the seven colours of the rainbow each representing one of the seven Chakras.  50% of proceeds from each bracelet will be donated to Jordana's Rainbows Fund in support of DIPG research at Sick Kids Hospital.

Red: Root Chakra - Stability, Prosperity and Truth. 

Orange: Sacral Chakra - Physical Grace, Pleasure & Creativity

Yellow: Solar Plexus Chakra - Wisdom, Power, & Self-esteem

Green: Heart Chakra - Love, Compassion & Empathy

Blue: Throat Chakra - Communication, Creativity & Healing 

Indigo: Third Eye Chakra - Intuition, Awareness & Imagination

Violet: Crown Chakra - Intelligence, Spirituality & Thoughtfulness 

Tie a knot and make a wish! Once your bracelet falls off naturally your wish will come true!